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I have been developing a new love for my calves as of recently, and because of this I’m issuing to myself a 30 day calf challenge! The goal is to see how much growth (if any) I can put on these, and see if it’s possible to bring out the definition even more. We’re going for that upside down heart shape here people!!!

As they sit this morning I’m just an 1/8th over 16″ for both left and right calves, although my left calf seems maybe 1/8″ larger. This is likely due to the clutching when I drive as that leg gets a lot more action.

I have included some initial images of both left and right calves to give a baseline for my progress, so please bear with me there are many pics and they aren’t that interesting…

One last thing. You’ll have to forgive my fur coat! I have hairy legs, which also hides some definition. For the final progress pics I may remove the hair. The key word here is ‘may’.

For the actual workout I will be doing calves every day except my off day which is usually either Sunday or occasionally Saturday. My workout is very close to on posted on Flexonline.com that is said to be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s calf routine, so for all intents and purposes I’ll just post Flex’s version. There is no Donkey calf raise machine in my gyms so that will be substituted with calf raises on the leg press machine. I like to do 12-15 reps instead of just 10 in most cases, but may try doing 10 with heavier weight for greater fatigue.

[![Sourced from: http://www.flexonline.com/training/calves/oak-roots?page=4](https://supplementalreview.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/13flex_arnold_calves_chart.png?w=449&h=398)](https://supplementalreview.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/13flex_arnold_calves_chart.png) Sourced from: [http://www.flexonline.com/training/calves/oak-roots?page=4](http://www.flexonline.com/training/calves/oak-roots?page=4)

If you want to try this challenge with me go for it! Post a reply with your current un-flexed, cold calf measurements around the largest part of your calves and lets see if we can turn these calves into some cows!

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