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Crexcel Facts

After receiving my CREXCEL care package from ANS Performance, and using it for roughly 4 weeks now (Long-Term Review), so far I have been very pleased with the results. Having been working out for years now, I have had the chance to try several different creatine blends. CREXCEL has excelled in every category for me, both in performance and drinkability. Try not loving the Orange Rush flavour: it’s like a delicious orange drink with the benefits of pushing your workouts! Does this mean that you should drop your tub of creatine mono in the trash and run out to buy this blend? Lets find out.

Manufacturer: ANS Performance

Type: Creatine


Flavour: Orange Rush

Overall Rating: 910

Solubility in Water: 7.510

Sustainability: 9.510

Taste: 1010

You should note that for the basis of this review I have not been using any other supplements that could affect or mask any gains produced by CREXCEL; no pre-workout, protein, nothing but CREXCEL! What I have found is quite substantial. On most workouts there has been a consistent increase in drive at the ends of my sets, giving that slight boost in drive and power to squeeze several extra reps each time. I am also pushing roughly the same weight that only a pre-workout gave me the push to do; which means when I DO go back to a pre-workout I will be lifting even more!

One point of note regarding this product is the serving size on the bottle. It says 40 servings which, if scooped correctly, should yield 40 days worth of use. I was able to get 28 days of use out of my bottle, and even accounting for possible miss-scoops, I should not yield -12 days vs. the label. To ensure the scoops were correct I had zeroed the provided scooper on a digital scale and then filled it up until 7g (suggested dosage on label) was attained. I used this amount +-1g for my daily serving. In an attempt to find out how 12 servings could simply disappear I weighted the container with lid and scooper; the results were 61g which works out to just under 9 servings. This can only mean that the 40 servings on the label includes the weight of the plastic container/lid/scooper which is obviously not creatine to consume… I will contact my rep at ANS with this information and edit this post with any update. Until then, expect to get about 1 month use from each tub, not the 40 servings it displays.

Update 14/08/2014

After speaking with my contact at ANS, and also the Vice President, Mr. Rupcich, it’s possible I received an improperly-filled tub.  I was assured that the state-of-the-art facility that fills these tubs would not make errors. 

What's In Your Locker?

What’s In Your Locker?

Here are some interesting details about unique ingredients in CREXCEL:

Q-Xcel™ (Shilajit Extract)

This unusual substance is more often a blackish-brown, sticky (tar-like), and usually found in the Himalayan mountains. It is reported that the warmth of the sun actually makes this substance seep out of the rocks of the mountain. Weird isn’t it!? This substance contains many vitamins and amino acids, and has been linked to reductions of inflammation, pain, ulcers, anxiety/stress, and even aging. This means you may recover better from each workout, and perhaps even get baby-soft skin while you’re at it.

R2-Rev™ (Rhodiola Rosea Extract)

Found in the colder global climates like the Arctic, or even the same mountains where Shilajit extract can be found, it’s a knee-high plant with yellow flowers that is said to have possible anti-depressant characteristics, reduction of stress, and even reduction of fatigue. You’ll be thanking this little plant when you push those last 2 reps out of your sets, or decide that 6 sets aren’t enough and ‘one more’ couldn’t hurt

Regarding the water weight issue linked with most creatine, there hasn’t been any significantly noticeable water gain using CREXCEL. I monitor my weight weekly, and have remained within approximately 2-3lbs (+-1lb for food/fluids) of my initial weight when starting this dosing (5g/day), yet my reps and lifts are increasing and my overall size is greater than when I began this long-term review. For this review I maintained my normal workout schedule of 5-6 days per week, often doing double days with one afternoon workout and one in the evening. People in the gym are even asking me what I’m using and giving compliments! Imagine, stacking CREXCEL with a good pre-workout like Ritual, and some protein… That would be a nice stack for growth with minimal water/fat gains for sure! Check out ANS Performance’s page for all of the details about CREXCEL.

If you are looking for a product that is easy to take, and will actually help, do your gains a favour and try CREXCEL.

Workout strong,


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