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Manufacturer: ANS Performance

Type: Fat Burner

Name: DIABLO Pro Thermogenic

Flavour: Electric Lime

Overall Rating: 9.210

Solubility in Water: 1010

Taste: 8.510

After Taste: 9.510

Thermogenic Effect: 910

Energy Boost: 910

ANS Performance has very generously provided the new DIABLO Pro Thermogenic fat burner in the form of several samples for me to complete a short-term review for you today!

Always be sure to read the label, especially on these types of supplements as they are more complex than simple creatine or whey. The sample pack recommended I mix entire contents (2 scoops) rather than just a single scoop. I have adjusted the chemical compound amounts to reflect 2 scoops as not to confuse.  You may wish to assess your tolerance with 1 scoop before taking 2 scoops right away, as some people may be sensitive to the ingredients, or the caffeine content. I’m a very tall guy though, and have assessed my caffeine tolerance many times with various other products so the jump to 2 scoops was not an issue. You should be taking this supplement approx. 30mins before your breakfast, especially if you plan to work out later that day using any other supplements that contain caffeine, as DIABLO does itself contain caffeine. You don’t want to overload your blood and get headaches now do you!?

When I mixed the scoops in my normal sized shaker cup, there was some foam, but that dissipated very quickly to reveal the fairly clear green mixture. It has a surprisingly good taste for a lime-flavoured product (I notoriously don’t like lime flavours as they all seem too chemically). This lime flavor tasted very much like limeade which made it just fine to sip. After only 5 mins, the caffeine let itself be known and I began to start feeling effects which perked me up and stimulated me mentally without excess restlessness. One unexpected side effect was when I suddenly had to turn on loud dance music for some reason. Be wary of this and ensure a close proximity to some music source during the first hour of taking DIABLO.

Next, let’s look at a breakdown of some chemical components behind the DIABLO Pro Thermogenic. The main chemical compounds that are at work in DIABLO per 5g (2 scoops):

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (1000mg)

Choline Bitartrate (500mg)

Green Coffee Bean Extract (300mg)

Adilase™ – Hemerocallis fulva flower extract (300mg).

The other important chemical compounds that make DIABLO fat burner so effective are found in the proprietary DIABLO INFERNO Complex (414mg) and include: Caffeine Anhydrous, eLMn8™ – Alchemilla Vulgaris, Olive Leaf (20% Oleuropein), 6AM™ – Aframomum Melegueta, Evodia Rutaecarpa (98% Evodiamine), PEA (Pheneylethylamine HCL), and Hordenine.

Within about 15-20mins of taking DIABLO, my productivity had increased quite noticeably. Think of it as a full-size can of Redbull with the added benefit of being a fat burner! Could I literally feel the Green Coffee Bean extract turning my fats into fuel? Or, could I feel my blood becoming engorged with fat being released by my low-responding fat storage cells thanks to a combination of Adilase™ working synergistically with caffeine? Not really, but if taken over a period of several weeks, it is possible that DIABLO Pro Thermogenic can help shed some of the stubborn fat around the body (mid-section please!) to prepare the best you possible.

Would I recommend this product? If you are searching for a reliable fat burner from a very trustworthy brand, you need not look any further than ANS Performance and the DIABLO Pro Thermogenic.

Workout strong,


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