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After receiving my mini care package from ANS Performance, providing several more sample packs of Ritual, DIABLO, and a shaker cup to mix it properly, I had but one option: Try 2 scoops of Ritual and see if it provides the boost needed to take this into the number one spot on Supplemental’s Pre-Workout charts! Did it beat out the competition? Is it worth your money to go run out this instant and buy some? Lets find out.

Manufacturer: ANS Performance

Type: Pre-Workout

Name: Ritual

Flavour: Candy Green Apple

Overall Rating: 9.210

Initial Kick: 9.510

Pump: 910

Solubility in Water: 9.510

Sustainability: 1010

Taste: 810

Final Thoughts: Sometimes it just takes two; two scoops of Ritual that is! I was blown away with this product after taking 2 scoops. Being a larger guy, perhaps one scoop just wasn’t quite enough to provide my entire body the kind of coverage needed, but 2 scoops is definitely enough. I was also very pleased not to feel the huge crash after 2 scoops, since that amount of caffeine can cause headaches and feelings of sickness. I found none of those symptoms with Ritual.

2 Scoops of Ritual

Did someone ask for a latte?

Regarding the mix: This time having used 2 scoops I also doubled the water to compensate, yet it gave me the most foam ever of any pre-workout thus far! This mega foam simply would not calm down no matter how long I waited, so eventually I just drank through it, revealing a fairly clear mixture beneath. Even with the double serving, only minor small white flecks remained, but otherwise it was well dissolved. This was even better then the single mixtures of some other brands. The taste was reasonable, being an unusual flavour. I usually don’t prefer wild flavours as they can be tricky to get correct. This one, Candy Green Apple, was fairly apple-ish which made consumption easier.

Looking at the chemical compound side of things, with 3200mg of the non-essential amino acid Beta-Alanine pumping through your body, the endurance will be pegged at 11 for your entire workout. Once I got the vascularity in my arms, it remained for the entire duration! This was the first time that my 2-3hr workout only finished because my body was physically exhausted, and not because I was mentally exhausted. Ritual kept telling me to keep going! With Ritual using 1000mg of Agmapure to boost nitric oxide levels in the blood, which worked in tandem with the L-Citrulline rather than simple Arginine, which suggests that higher nitric-oxide levels can be achieved, I was provided a much fuller, longer lasting pump. I was also able to maintain the pump, and pick it back up after periods of rest with much greater ease and speed, leading to fuller reps and greater endurance!

One bonus ingredient is the use of Creapure (Creatine Monohydrate) (3000mg) so you no longer need to take a separate scoop before your workout! Even if you do not wish to take supplemental creatine scoops during the day, the 1500mg/scoop of Creapure found in Ritual will provide enhanced endurance and strength, which may help you push past limits and give 110% during each and every set!

If you asked me today what pre-workout you should buy to get the best workout possible, I would say that every good workout starts with the proper Ritual. Buy it, you won’t regret it.

Workout strong,


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