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This protein by company BSN is not new to the game, but for some reason I have never tried it until yesterday afternoon. You’ll see these red cannisters at almost every health store that sells any reputable supplements, and for good reason. Read my short-term review below to find out if it’s worth your money.Syntha-6 Isolate Nutritional Facts

Manufacturer: BSN

Type: Protein

Name: Syntha-6 Isolate

Flavour: Vanilla Ice Cream

Overall Rating: 8.610

Solubility in Water: 9.510

Bloat: 7.510

Taste: 1010

After Taste: 7.510

Final Thoughts: This was a very surprising protein for me, as I was almost kicking myself for not trying it sooner! I followed directions exactly, adding 5oz of water only to my cup to see if it mixed correctly as specified. Well, not only did it mix superbly, but I could have sworn my water turned into milk; it was that smooth. No chalkiness to report at all, like some protein powders (especially chocolate flavour) can have.

With 22g of protein, 10g of essential amino acids, and 5gs of BCAAs in each 44g scoop, it delivers adequate nutrients when your body needs it; especially before/after a workout. I took my scoop directly following a hardcore chest-blasting workout, and my body ate it up demanding seconds.Regarding the bloat that many proteins can give 30mins-1hr after ingesting, Syntha-6 was ok. I did get moderate bloat with a mild cramp that passed after a few minutes, and typical gas, but thankfully to those around me it was mostly burps.

Fully mixed. No foam whatsoever. 5oz sure is small isn't it!

Fully mixed. No foam whatsoever. 5oz sure is small isn’t it!

The reason BSN has been so successful in selling this protein for so long is simple: It mixes well, tastes delicious, and may provide adequate proteins/nutrients to actually work!

I would recommend you give this one a try if you want to enjoy taking your protein, rather than having to choke back a chalky mess like some lesser quality offerings by other companies.

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