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Jay Cutler, like many other pro bodybuilders, has his own supplement line and has had one for a few years now. Starting in late 2012 and into 2013 you could purchase his first series, the Jay Cutler Elite Series. This was a softer launch, and was not available in GNC here in Canada and generally seemed less marketed at the time. Now in 2014 His brand has dropped the first name, and goes by the name Cutler Nutrition (Parented by BPI Sports) and although his products are the same essentially, they are being heavily marketed and have received a complete face-lift to attract new buyers. I personally love the new graphics and colours. We all know those graphics mean nothing when it comes to supplement quality, but it’s a nice touch for a company to put genuine effort into product packaging. I look forward to trying some of his revamped line-up, so for this review I will be discussing his Total Protein.    Read my short-term review below to find out if it’s worth your money.

Manufacturer: Cutler Nutrition (BPI Sports)

Type: Protein

Name: Total Protein

Flavour: Creamy Vanilla

Overall Rating: 8.910

Solubility in Water: 910

Bloat: 910

Taste: 8.510

After Taste: 910

Final Thoughts: I went in really wanting to love this protein, and to love this brand, so it’s fair to say Cutler Nutrition had an edge on their side already.


That being said, I gave a fair analogy and held nothing back with regards to my ranking, and to be honest this protein was just so-so. Using the recommended 5-6oz of water, I mixed the cup, and found it came out very, very thick. It was not a light thickness like a real milk milkshake, but more a heavy thickness due to some of the specific ingredients used. Perhaps mixing it with milk could help resolve this issue and provide even richer taste, although just using water was enough to give it decent flavour. Speaking strictly about the mix, it was very thoroughly dissolved as I found no suspended grit/fine particles like some lesser quality protein blends. It did not taste as sweet as other proteins, which is likely attributed to only 2g of sugar per 35g scoop of Total Protein.


Looking at the breakdown on the left, you’ll notice right away that each 35g scoop contains just 22g of protein and 135 calories. Even though you sacrifice some taste to achieve that low 2g of sugar, you’re not getting much in terms of carbs or fats which is good. For comparison’s sake, if you look at ON Platinum Hydro Whey which has a 39g scoop, you’ll get a whopping 30g of protein at 140 calories. Similarly, looking at Gold Standard 100% Whey, you have a 30.4g scoop with a total of 24g of protein at 120 calories! By comparison then, it would seem the core component of Total Protein (the protein) is less by volume when compared to just 2 other leading options. This fact alone would seriously make me second guess it in the supplement aisle. Add in the fact that I know how it tastes and mixes, and I may be more hesitate to try this again in the future. I would be open to trying the Chocolate flavour, since that’s my go-to and if anything will save this product it would have to be that for me.

So, if you are looking for a ok protein powder blend, you may only want to try the smaller 1kg tub of this before committing to the larger 2.2kg tub to determine for yourself if this protein is worth more of your cash or not.

Workout strong,


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