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So you’ve decided to check out my workouts, and you want to sculpt your arms. Be warned, I didn’t call this one ARM-MAGEDDON for nothing! This workout is meant to DESTROY your arms, so don’t schedule anything too taxing for the day after. If you do not feel DOMS in your arms the next day then you did not do this workout correctly. 24 sets just for triceps, 16 sets for biceps, and 10 for forearms.

You can leave out some exercises if you want at first, but I find they go pretty quick and often I’ll add more in for biceps as noted in my workout. This is a real workout, and I usually do it on Friday now after a Thursday rest day to ensure my arms are at their best. Start to finish this workout should take approximately 1.5-2hrs including 8-10mins warm up and 5 mins cool down.

I have focused the highest amount of sets for triceps because they cover approximately 23 of your arm and as such, they will give the best visual results. Biceps are important of course! but it’s those juicy triceps that will fill you out.

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Arm Workout Sept, 2014

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