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Has it been over a year since my last posted workout already? Don’t be mad! I have no good excuse other than I didn’t know you guys cared about my postings (nobody comments…) Anyway, here is a hamstring workout that’s sure to make you happy when it’s over, but the results, well they will keep you coming back for more!

I actually felt throbbing even when lying on my bed after doing this workout, so don’t be surprised if you need a few night’s stay in hospital after doing this. Good thing you aren’t combining your hamstrings and quads workouts in one day! Oh you are? Pft better wait for me to release my quad workout then, which coincidentally, is on it’s own day.

I do this workout on Thursday now. Quads are Mondays, so you get a few days in between to recover before hitting them again. Start to finish this workout should take approximately 1.5-2hrs including 5 mins warm up on a bike and 3-5 mins cool down. DON’T FORGET TO STRETCH THE MUSCLES YOU WORK AFTERWARDS!!!!

There are 3 machine exercises that are directly isolating the hamstrings here: Seated hamstring curls, standing hamstring curls, and lying hamstring curls. They are not redundant and actually hit the different parts of your hamstrings so do them all! Yeah that’s right, it’s not just one big muscle…

As always, leave your comments for each posting as I love to hear from you!

Workout strong,


Hamstring Workout Feb, 2016

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