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Now, before we get started with this review I have to point out that I LOVE the fusion bodybuilding team, and this review is based solely on this product and not a reflection of them whatsoever. Now, I had bought a full container of Purple-K Reps last year sometime but since had forgotten how it performed. I was lucky enough to get a sample from the fusion booth at the T.O. Pro Show Expo a few weekends past, and that allowed me to bring you this sample review today! I actually bumped this review ahead of a few waiting to be written, since I couldn’t hold it back for even one day.

The question now: Is it worth your money? Let’s find out.

Manufacturer: fusion Bodybuilding

Type: Pre-Workout

Name: Purple-K Reps

Flavour: Fruit Punch

Overall Rating: 6.610

Initial Kick: 810

Pump: 410

Solubility in Water: 810

Sustainability: 4.510

Taste: 8.510

Final Thoughts: Let me start off by saying that it could be the fact I only took a one scoop sample pack, but when I bought the tub I was taking one and a half to two scoops just to get results. The initial kick came on quickly, and let me know it arrived by making my whole face tingle and itch. I expected this workout to go well as this reminded me of Cellucor C4 which was a decent pre-workout. I was mistaken.

Purple-K Reps mixed pretty well, giving a fairly clear mix, and had little to no foam at all which is great for immediate consumption. It did leave a fine sand-like bottom though which was a combination of flavour crystals that didn’t dissolve and other insolubles. I had provided more than the required amount of water yet they all did not dissolve. One positive was the flavour, which I found to be quite smooth and without any chemical taste. In this case Fruit Punch really is Fruit Punch! After taste was very minimal.

Coming back to my workout. I felt a sharp decrease in energy about half way through. I felt like I was actually LOOSING energy rather than gaining a pump! I had to stop half way and eat some of my peanut butter sandwich which was meant for post-workout, just to get some energy. The vascularity was very low, and almost not present. I have not experienced this with another pre-workout as of yet; going in to a workout with more energy than I had for it’s duration.

Now, although this product contains such favorable ingredients as Creatine monohydrate (750mg), Beta-Alanine (1600mg), Citrulline Malate (1125mg), and L-Carnitine (500mg), these amounts are for a single scoop serving of only 5g, so in order to achieve their suggested amounts you must take 2 scoops minimum! The standard 220g container provides only 20 servings, but may have people doing more than 2 scoops, so this means you may have even less than 20 servings per container! If you want me to pay $50+ for 20 servings, you best bring something that blows me away and keeps me craving more.

In the case of one scoop of Purple-K Reps; you may wish to just drink a cup of black coffee before your workout to get similar results. In a very rare outcome, I would not recommend this pre-workout. The price alone puts it above many far better alternatives.

Workout strong,


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