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Kaizen Canada has been around for some time now, and more recently has gone through a face lift for some sizes of their Whey product packaging to appeal to a more environmentally-conscious crowd. You are now able to recycle the hard outer shell in your compost as it contains an inner pouch with the powder inside. Being gluten-free, Kaizen Natural Isolate will appeal to more than just the health food crowd, as many people have allergies and sensitivities to gluten and must seem out alternative protein sources.

The main attractant of this whey for many is Kaizen’s use of 100% New Zealand whey which is considered by many to be the purest whey due to the use of cows that are grass-fed, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, GMO-free (Genetically Modified Organisms), and undergo routine health screenings for pesticide and heavy metals contamination. In essence, these cows are much, much healthier than most of the human population here in North America, so by consuming whey made from their milk, we will become healthier!

Read my short-term review below to find out if this superwhey is worth your money.

nutritional-facts_vanilla Kaizen Natural Whey

Manufacturer: Kaizen

Type: Protein

Name: Natural Whey

Flavour: Natural Vanilla Bean

Overall Rating: 7.7510

Solubility in Water: 810

Bloat: 710

Taste: 7.510

After Taste: 8.510

Final Thoughts: I noticed that even after very vigorous shaking/mixing, and using the specified amount of water, there were still some small pieces averaging 1-2mm floating on the surface. It may mix completely with a warmer liquid, as the water I used was not cold but cooler than room temperature. Taste was ok but not great. I have a feeling it could provide a much richer malt-like taste with the use of milk in place of water. It becomes very evident you use water with the taste, as it is thinner and not as full as a milk-mixed protein shake.

Note: If you use normal milk to mix you will be re-introducing some of the undesirable elements of North American cattle which buying New Zealand whey is supposed to remove, so I would suggest just sticking to water for this product.


Kaizen mixed. Settled instantly with no foam.

With 24g of protein, no artificial ingredients, and only 120 calories per 30g scoop, Kaizen Natural Whey is a decent protein, especially at the prices it seems to sell for such a high-class whey. I have found the compostable 1kg bottles for less than $40 Canadian. With regards to bloat, i did feel a bit queasy for up to an hour after consuming this whey, however, it did not make me very gassy.

If you are interested in trying some 100% New Zealand whey and seeing for yourself how it compares to normal, North American whey, I would suggest giving the Kaizen brand a try. At the very least you will get a good amount of clean protein for the money. If you have gluten allergies then this may be one of only several whey options for you anyway so you should definitely try it.

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