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On my visit to GNC today I received a sample of a fairly new product line called EPIQ; a GNC exclusive product I should add. The packaging is quite nice, as orange happens to be my favourite colour so I have a slight bias towards it!

The question now: Is it worth your money? Let’s find out.

Manufacturer: EPIQ

Type: Pre-Workout


Flavour: Orange Explosion

Overall Rating: 710

Initial Kick: 510

Pump: 8.510

Solubility in Water: 610

Sustainability: 8.510

Taste: 710

Final Thoughts: A good pre-workout for the money. Low initial kick, but it does pump nicely after your first few warm-up sets. Vascularity was pretty good during the set, but it wouldn’t sustain long during rest.  The sustainability was also quite good, as it rode with me almost to the end of the workout (2hrs). The serving size (16g) is the largest one I have tested yet, and that may be why it was not nearly as soluble as the others tested. Once mixed it was quite murky, and reminded me of Tang orange drink! The froth was Huge and wouldn’t dissipate for about 1-2 minutes. It reminded me of an orange soda float, sans ice cream unfortunately. The taste, orange explosion, was good, and the smell reminded me of Vitamin C chewables.It did have a fairly tart/sour taste to it though, and the after taste, which lingered for the duration of my workout, reminded me of that just-brushed teeth taste you get about 30 mins after brushing. I didn’t like that so much.

I Would Recommend this supplement to you if you want a decent pre-workout without the tweaked feeling some give. It is a bit pricey for the tub though, so there are cheaper alternatives which offer a better overall experience.

Workout strong,


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