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Here is another supplement sample from the T.O. Pro Show Expo back in June. Before this, I had never really put much thought into Aminos and BCAAs for use during my workouts, but after this sample was used, I felt like there might be something more to these. This sample is Muscletech’s Amino Build from their Performance Series. Below I’ll break down what’s in this supplement, and why you just may wish to start using it to help fuel your workout instead of just water.

But first: Is it worth spending your hard-earned money on some magic powder? Find out below.

Manufacturer: Muscletech

Type: Amino + BCAA

Name: Amino Build

Flavour: Fruit Punch

Overall Rating: 8.7510

Endurance: 7.510

Pump: 910

Recovery: 910

Taste: 9.510

Final Thoughts: This was my first time trying an Amino/BCAA formula mostly due to the fact that I never thought they would matter so much. I mean, when faced with the choice between a pre-workout mix, Creatine, or Aminos, 1010 I would have chosen anything other than Amino. Now though, would this still be the case? Yes, unless you can afford all 3.

Regardless, lets look at Muscletech’s Amino Build to see what could possibly make it worth your money. Starting with flavour, this is one area you will not be disappointed! At the VERY least, this will be expensive fruit punch. Thankfully it’s more than just a delicious intra-workout drink, but having a good flavour is key to repeat customers, and for those customers to actually enjoy using it. Very little if any after taste which is nice rather than dry or tart mouth for hours.

[animo build label

Amino Build was surprising to me because it delivered quite a full pump during, and even after my workout finished. I was not expecting any pump from this so that opened my eyes right away. Although it did not provide any noticeable enhancement in my lift strength, it did decrease recovery time between sets giving me more powerful reps and a quicker workout overall.

With regards to those huge numbers above, they are for a double scoop serving of Amino Build, so for us mere mortals who take only one scoop, just cut them in half. Lets break down what makes this mixture what it is, and why it may be great.

4g of BCAAs/Scoop: This is in the form of a 2:1:1 BCAA Matrix comprised of L-Leucine (2g), L-Isoleucine (1g), and L-Valine (1g). This group of BCAAs has the ability (thanks to L-Leucine) to slow down degradation of muscle tissue while increasing the synthesis of muscular proteins, although diet will play a large factor in this BCAA’s efficacy.

1,250mg of Betaine: This compound has been found to increase your muscular endurance, while permitting water retention in your cells to fight off dehydration. Betaine also acts as a Methyl donor in your liver and kidneys. This means it can reduce vascular risk factors within your internal organs while effectively increasing endurance through efficiency.

2g Cell-Volumizing Muscle Complex: 2g total complex consisting of Taurine (500mg), L-Glutamine (500mg), L-Citrulline Malate (500mg), and L-Alanine (500mg). You will thank Tauring for helping maintain skeletal muscles, and for keeping your blood pressure more in check if it isn’t already. Glutamine, which is already abundant in the body, will still none-the-less help with protein synthesis and free up cellular energy. Citrulline Malate, my current favourite compound, will stimulate faster phosphocreatine recovery allowing you to come stronger and fresh to your next workout, and is metabolized into L-Arginine which will regulate Nitric Oxide production and detoxify the ammonia levels in your blood.

So what does this all mean? You said it was just expensive fruit juice earlier didn’t you? Will Fruitopia work just as well then? In short, if you can spare the extra $30 or so for a 30 scoop tub of this product, I would recommend it. If anything, you will get more energy during your workout, but it may extend beyond that and give you the boost required to push your muscles past a plateau!

Workout strong,


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