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Posted values are for 3 scoops

Up next for this double-scoop review is a product that received a 7.710 overall score when previously reviewed. Muscletech’s Nano Vapor is a decent product, and as such it received a decent score, but does that mean 2 scoops will propel it beyond just ‘decent’ and into awesome!? Lets break it down to find out if you should be doubling up your scoops of Nano Vapor, or if that will just double your chances of caffeine headaches! Find out the results below.

_(Single scoop in Black, Double Scoop in Red)


Manufacturer: Muscletech

Type: Pre-Workout

Name: Nano Vapor

Flavour: Fruit Punch

Overall Rating: 7.710    810

Initial Kick: 6.510    810

Pump: 7.510    810

Solubility in Water: 910    910

Sustainability: 710    7.510

Taste: 8.510    7.510

Final Thoughts:

If we compare the scores for a 1 scoop serving against the 2 scoops taken for this review, you’ll notice right away only 0.310 increase for 2 scoops! That alone might make you want to simply conserve your powder and stretch the tub further. I did get a noticeably better initial kick with 2 scoops (double the caffeine) and slightly better pump/sustainability, but due to the much more concentrated mix, the taste was quite intense which was just too much for the recommended amount of water. Lets look into why double the scoop did not give double the score.

I noticed right away that 2 scoops of Nano Vapor gave me a very intense, very strong flavour that no longer seemed very fruity but rather much more chemically. I would recommend diluting a double dose with at least double their recommended dose of 450-525ml of water, or simply as much as your large shaker bottle can hold. It’s the only way to make the drink easier to consume unless you prefer to just chug it as fast as possible. I did get very good initial bite, which is always expected when taking a double dose if only from the ridiculous amount of caffeine (260mg), however I found that energy did taper off fairly quickly. It was found to only last approximately 90% of a 1.5hr workout. It goes to note that Nano Vapor in both single and now double scoop doses seems to lack the ‘umph’ that certain other brands can deliver in a single dose. One notable result of the high caffeine dose in a double scoop of Nano Vapor was I found myself running to the washroom several times during my workout. Although this wasn’t an issue, it should be noted for those who may take it and not be close to a rest facility.

Shall we take a quick look at your double dose of important compounds? The following amounts constitute two (2) scoops of Nano Vapor:

(3,334mg) Creatine Monohydrate:  Most companies include creatine mono in their pre-workouts these days, and with Nano Vapor it would seem that 2 scoops is necessary to get even a decent amount of it, but 3 scoops would give you the preferred daily amount (closer to 5g/day).

(3,000mg) Taurine: Taurine has been linked to the functioning and maintenance of skeletal muscles, and is an amino sulfonic acid, often referred to as just an amino acid, and is considered to be one of the building blocks of protein. The amounts found in 2 scoops and even 3 scoops is fairly common when supplementing for certain health conditions and therefore is safe to consume daily. Taurine is also linked with a reduction of stress by facilitating the production of the neurotransmitter GABA (gama-aminobutyric acid) which will help your body manage anxiety. Reduction of stress allows for improved focus, greater work output, and performance.

(260mg) Caffeine Anhydrous:  Caffeine will be found in just about anything claiming to improve alertness and mental focus these days, and will help you do just that! It will reduce physical fatigue, better coordination, and general increases in body wakefulness and alertness.

(5,334mg) L-Citrulline Malate: L-citrulline Malate turns into L-Arginine after absorption into the blood and then sent to the kidneys, which makes it an even more efficient method at ensuring full L-Arginine delivery into the body than simply taking L-Arginine alone as not all may be absorbed. Citrulline is an amino acid that may preserve energy throughout physical exercise, thus creating a reduction of fatigue and promotion of endurance to allow those last few reps in your sets.

(2,134mg) Beta-Alanine: This amino acid has been found to increase the concentration of Carnosine in the muscles, which may decrease fatigue and produce more energy output in your muscles. Carnosine is a naturally producted protein building block that IS already produced in the body, however only in smaller amounts. It can be found in the muscles during physical exertion, and also in the main organs such as the heart and brain. Carnosine, when taken orally, will be broken down rapidly and separated into its 2 main components: Histidine (60%) and Beta-Alanine (40%), which means that you only get approx. 40% of the dose as Beta-Alanine. It is much more efficient to simply dose with Beta-Alanine directly in favour of using Carnosine if possible.


Phil Heath trying to crush the tub

These ingredients are often found within many current pre-workout formulations, however, in varying amounts. For Nano vapor, this current combination seems to work best in single scoop form as it offers the least side-effects during my trials. I have since taken Nano Vapor several more times as single scoop doses and found it to provide a decent boost intra-workout, yet still lacking on the pump and duration.

If you are looking for a fairly decent pre-workout, you may try this one if found on sale or for a good price ($30-$40), as I find it lacking in certain key areas which would make it a normal go-to choice for me. Make no mistake though it does still perform, just much more subdued than other offerings available.

Workout strong,


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