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Today I went out and got a supplement after not buying anything for myself in several months. I picked up some pure creatine monohydrate from Muscletech’s Platinum product line in their Essential Series. It’s simply 100% creatine, no other compounds, and flavourless, so I can mix it with any liquids; although juice is preferred. Muscletech’s claim is that test subjects gained on average 6lbs of muscle in 6 weeks, so I hope to put that claim to the test!

I’ll be loading for the next 3 days with 20g/day for the next 3 days spread out in 5g servings, then switching to 5g/day maintenance after workouts and also on days off.

1500g Creatine Monohydrate Tub!

1500g Creatine Monohydrate Tub!

With a 1500g tub like the one i bought, I should net approximately +- 300 servings which is incredible value. This means I am beginning a VERY long term review with this product (unless I am provided with some creatine to sample by a company) so I will likely touch base every month or so to report any changes like gains, or any issues that may arise. If this is really 100% creatine monohydrate of good-excellent quality, I anticipate no issues. I do really want to stack this with Beta Alanine, as it has been scientifically proven to increase the effectiveness of creatine when compared to taking it alone, so that will possibly be an upcoming addition to my daily regiment if I can find a good deal.

Take a look at this article on the benefits of stacking Beta-Alanine with Creatine Monohydrate.

Speaking of deals, the only reason I went and bought this tub of creatine was because of the deal. Popeye’s Supplements here in Canada is having a deal until September 30th, and this HUGE 1500g tub is only $39.99+ tax Canadian Funds. This works out to roughly 375g/$10 CAD, which is a decent rate compared to leading online retailers, especially when taxes and shipping come in to play. You will be very hard pressed to find a better deal right now, so I had to jump on it!

To answer the question: Yes I would recommend this creatine IF you can get it for a decent price, such as the sale Popeye’s is having on it right now. Otherwise it will be relatively similar in price to other offerings, and I have yet to notice any reason to choose it over another brand, although at a regular price of $44.99 CAD it is still a very good value.

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