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Leave Humanity Behind! Or so they say over at Mutant HQ and in their promotional marketing. Mutant’s parent company (Fit Foods Ltd.) was started in 1996 right here in Canada! Back in 1996 when it began out in Vancouver BC, it operated under the name PVL Nutrients. Yes this is the same PVL that still exists today as one of their supplement lines, but they have since changed the company name to Fit Foods Ltd. to incorporate more products in their portfolio. Their brand (Mutant), having only started in 2006, sure has come a long way since then. Mutant offers more than just huge bags of weight gainer (Mutant Mass) which is what most people know them for, and their current line-up is actually 11 products strong right now giving them placement in every major product category for MAXIMUM MARKET SATURATION!!! Excuse me, left humanity behind for a moment there…

The question now: Is this Canadian-born pre-workout supplement worth your time? Check out the formal review below.


Manufacturer: Mutant

Type: Pre-Workout

Name: Mayhem

Flavour: Green Apple Crush

Overall Rating: 7.310

Initial Kick: 7.510

Pump: 9.510

Solubility in Water: 610

Sustainability: 9.510

Taste: 410

Final Thoughts:

Going in to this review I was excited. I was mostly excited to be finally trying ANYTHING by Mutant, as I have not before had the chance. I always love supporting Canadian business, so it’s about time I tried this pre-workout. Right away though, looking at my overall rating, you will notice it’s around average at best. Sure, it offers great sustainability and pump, but it takes away in other important areas.

Mutant Mayhem has a huge scoop. I mean, it’s GIANT! 18g of powder for one scoop! No wonder they recommend 8-12oz of water; otherwise it wouldn’t mix at all. The second issue I had was once mixed there was intense foam. It was very thick, like bubble bath or a huge top on a glass of poorly-poured beer. No big deal though right? Foam dissipates eventually. I also noticed quite an unusual smell from the mix. This was not a delicious green apple smell, but rather something quite offsetting. This smell was coupled with a fairly chalky taste, followed by a tart sting in the back of my throat after each gulp. Is this just the medicine the doctor ordered for my workout to excel? It sure seemed like medicine to me. ALL of this aside, even using close to 12oz of water I was unable to get a good mix, and had significant sediment left in the bottom of the cup.

Lets now mention some excellent aspects of this pre-workout. The initial kick was decent and gave no annoying tingles or other feelings aside from hotter body and sweating which is welcomed when trying to warm up for a workout. I did get an excellent pump, very full and very good-feeling. It also lasted just about to the end of my workout (1.5-2hrs) so for one scoop that’s always a big deal for me. These aspects alone would have put this pre-workout right at the top among those tested here at Supplemental, but it’s those rather important sensory factors that really hurt the score. That and the fact that I felt like throwing up after my workout and for over an hour later.

So just what’s in this concoction to make it so awesome/questionable at the same time!?

Notably, this pre-workout contains Niacin (50g) which can potentially increase cardiovascular health by lowering harmful LDL cholesterol while raising beneficial HDL cholesterol, although 50mg/day is considered a fairly low dose to see any substantial changes. Inside their ‘proprietary blend’ which accounts for ALL of the dosage (18,000mg), you will find important compounds such as: Creapure creatine mono, Creatine MagnaPower, L-Arginine HCL, L-citrulline Malate, Taurine, and L-Tyrosine among many, many others.  These work together to provide the user with greater energy, sustainability, and recovery between sets, and throughout the workout. Thanks to the several different creatine being used (why so many?) you’ll at least find yourself pushing your rep ranges slightly higher with continual, daily usage. Depending on the actual dosing, you should also find your post-workout recovery to be slightly better. You are given Caffeine in the form of Coffea Arabica Extract (97% Caffeine) which is actually a much less common form of caffeine used in other supplements, and originates from little cherry found with white flowers in Coffea bushes native to Ethiopia. It is said to produce much better tasting coffee than more commercially grown coffee species. Such class!


The decision to include micronized bicarbonate is likely what cause so much foam when I mixed the pre-workout. It may be possible to not include this as it doesn’t seem necessary to me given the product ingredients. There can also be found some Curcumen/Turmeric Complex, and Sweet Red Pepper/Capsicum Annum Extract which may help create that thermogenic effect I described during the initial kick causing a feeling of warmth and more sweating.

So, should you buy this product? Being 40 scoops/tub for the full-sized offering, it’s a good value. However, the side-effects I felt after my workout, coupled with the trouble I had even forcing myself to drink this mix would lead me to caution anyone thinking of trying this pre-workout. Don’t get me wrong, it works well, but buy a small tub or sample pack first to see how you like each flavour, as perhaps they will react differently with your body.

Workout strong,


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