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Hydro Builder! I was very happy to get a sample pack of this amazing mix by Optimum Nutrition (ON), even if it was only a 12 serving sample. Why should you care about this all-in-one protein blend? Essentially, it combines ON’s world class Hydro Whey with: creatine, Betaine, and Aminos. Oh, and it costs the same as just buying their Hydro whey. Of course it would be up to you if these extra ingredients were necessary for your supplement stack, but if you don’t already take them, then Hydro Builder would be a good way to start. Read my short-term review below to find more about it, and if it’s really worth your money.

**Manufacturer: Optimum Nutrition (ON)


Type: Protein Blend

Name: Platinum Hydro Builder

Flavour: Chocolate SHake

Overall Rating: 9.610

Solubility in Water: 1010

Bloat: 1010

Taste: 9.510

After Taste: 910

Final Thoughts:ON has consistently been my favourite company for several products now, and I would like to say that this protein blend is yet another one to add to that list. It’s simply the best value for someone looking to get all of their creatine, protein, animo, and betaine needs in one shake. Yes, you may have to take another shake to get your full protein requirements, however that would best be either the ON Hydro Whey, or if you’re perma-bulking like I am, then the ON Pro Complex Gainer should be your second/third shakes.

IMG_1031Using only the recommended amount of water to mix my samples, I put 4 ounces of water into a shaker and mixed in my 12 sample pack. This product had no foam, even though it contains aminos and creatine (which I have found to give off foam when supplemented individually). The Chocolate Shake flavour was delicious! As with all ON protein products, I find their chocolate flavours to be VERY good tasking and very easy to drink. You will not be disappointed with  a chalky chocolate. Due to the other ingredients in this protein blend I did notice a slight sharp, bitter bite after each gulp. This was mild and depending on your sensitivity would not matter but it was necessary for me to point out. Again, ON has some of the best proteins in the business ,and as a result there is very mild after taste or bloating due to Hydro Builder’s rapid digestion (Thank you Hydrolized Whey Protein Isolates!) although it still made me moderately gassy.

To better understand this protein blend, lets have a quick look at the main ingredients that could make you choose this over a normal protein powder like Hydro Whey. The amounts shown below are for one (1) 52g scoop of Hydro Builder.

Creapure Creatine Monohydrate (5g): Considered by many to be among the world’s finest creatine monohydrates, this creatine is made in Germany. Since the body uses adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) for all bodily functions requiring energy, it can become used up in a hurry! When you workout hard, your body is ripping energy out of the ATP groups (3 phosphate particles), which breaks off one phosphate particle and turns then into di-phosphate groups, ADP, (2 phosphate particles). When you have a store of creapure creatine in your blood, it immediately bonds to that loose phosphate particle and ‘recharges it’, creating a new particle called phosphocreatine. This new energized particle goes back and recombines with the ADP (adenosine di-phosphate) turning it back into adenosine tri-phosphate. Now it’s energized and ready for action again! This is true for all creatine synthesis, but the difference between creapure creatine and other brands is the more precise chemical analysis and better selection of raw materials. Only using the purest creatine mono will result in the most energy return, and provide you the best workouts.

Betaine (2.5g): As I have stated before, betaine is an excellent compound to have in your powders because it protects your cells. It has been proven to protect against several harmful factors to your cellular health such as: high salinity, high temperature, cellular membrane integrity, and permits the cellular retention of water to prevent dehydration. This baby’s got your back! One note about betaine is the fact that it’s an osmolyte and methyl donor. This becomes important when speaking about your kidneys and liver, since it is required as part of the methionine  cycle. This cycle ensure a proper intake of methyl groups by those organs, ensuring proper liver/kidney health. Failure to get adequate methyl intake can result in a list of possible diseases, none of which make you workout harder or stronger.

Amino Acids (13.5g): A broad term used to cover organic compounds considered to be ‘building blocks’ for protein building within the body. The kind of aminos most commonly used in supplements are called ‘essential’ amino acids or ‘proteinogenic’ aminos: compounds which cannot be created naturally withing the human body and therefore must be absorbed from your food. Without going in to too much detail as there are so many aminos, these helpful compounds are the structure units that form together to create short polymer chains  called peptides, or longer chains called polypeptides or PROTEINS! You don’t need to supplement aminos (often taken intra-workout to reduce muscle/protein catabolism) however it will help you retain your protein/muscle, which will enable faster recovery and quicker gains.

With all this said, Hydro Builder is more than just a delicious protein blend made of high quality ingredients sold by one of the leading brands in the supplement industry, it’s also an excellent way for those who are not supplementing with other aminos and creatine to take a one scoop approach for their supplementation needs. I would recommend this product, or if you are already taking creatine and aminos, then ON’s Hydro Whey. You’ll be happy you chose it.

Workout strong,


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