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Lately, I have been doing these. Funny I know, to think that this is even news. It should be expected shouldn’t it? Well, here’s what I’ve REALLY been doing up until now.

I have been using the assisted pull-up machine to be able to get a decent rep range; usually in the 10-12 area. The weight is usually set to 55lbs, or if I’m feeling extra optimistic, one plate lighter. This was O-K, but I was never satisfied with the form or feeling of doing this. So, this week I decided to just go for it and go all out body weight or bust!

I’ll be honest, a guy my size, doing 5-6 reps, well it may not be impressive at all. I admit I’m lacking in my pull-ups, but that is changing. Even getting those 5-6 reps feels vastly superior to the 10-12 assisted reps. I feel it right after, in my whole upper body almost. I feel it the next day. I feel it right now as I type! I will never go back to those assisted pull-ups, and will instead focus on slowly increasing my reps from 5, to 6, all the way to 10+ with body weight. The way it SHOULD be done.

What I’m saying is: I feel like a bit of a wuss doing so few reps, and as if everybody around in the gym knows. The reality of the situation is, that nobody really cares about my workout or less-than-stellar rep count, and maybe I should instead focus that worry energy on a 7th rep!

Pull-ups, do them well. Do them without a machine. Do them now.

Workout strong,


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