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Powder Burn Punch Bottle

For this workout, I used up a sample pack received from the Toronto Pro Show Expo of a product I had previously reviewed, but didn’t like so much. The product is called Powder Burn, and is part of RIVALUS’ BLAQSERIES supplements. I had previously tried the Line flavour which tastes very, very bad, so when I saw samples for a Fruit Punch flavour, well, I HAD to find out if they make something more palatable!

The question now: Is any flavour of Rivalus Powder Burn worth your hard earned cash? Lets find out.

(Single scoop in Black, Double Scoop in Red)

Manufacturer: Rivalus

Type: Pre-Workout

Name: Powder Burn

Flavour: Punch

Overall Rating: 6.810    6.810

Initial Kick: 510    710

Pump: 7.510    7.510

Solubility in Water: 910    6.510

Sustainability: 8.510    7.510

Taste: 410    5.510

Final Thoughts:

Looking over the score card above, you will notice some very odd behavior by the 2 scoops of Rivalus Powder Burn vs. 1 scoop. First, they both received the exact same overall rating even though scores differed in certain categories! When I write my 2 scoop ratings, I don’t look back to see what the single scoop got in any specific categories as not to tamper with the results. These findings bring me to the conclusion that Powder Burn is roughly the same, be it 1 scoop or 2. If you look deeper into the score card however, you will see that for 2 scoops I ranked only a 7.510, a full point lower than the single scoop, while still maintaining the same overall pump, and only slightly higher initial kick. This is not indicative of a good pre-workout in my books, although perhaps my body is vastly different than their beta testers. Lets try and find out why this happened.

After mixing, I noticed right away it was very foamy, with a tart and bitter taste that had a fruit punch smell, but not so much punch taste. Like the Lime flavour, it was very, very chemical tasting. There was substantial, unpleasant after-taste that lingered for the duration of my workout (almost 2hrs) which had a hint of sweet, but I would have preferred that in my main tasting. A deep pink coloured cloudy mix once shaken, with many small white granules of unmixed powder remaining. This product does not contain Creatine, so I can’t say for sure what those particles would have been.

Performance-wise, I noticed my pump starting to fade heavily after about 1 hour, and as the pump faded, I began feeling sick with a slight headache; these signs for me are indicative of excess caffeine intake. This may have been due to a high amount of caffeine, although the exact amount per 5g scoop is not listed. Rivalus has chosen not to list ANY specific ingredient amounts for this product, so all the consumer knows is that the 5000mg proprietary blend contains: Citrulline Malate, Caffeine, Red Ginseng, Beta Alanine, Hedera Helix Leaf, and Tiger Nut Powder.

Are these ingredients even worth it? The short answer is: Yes. These ingredients alone can be helpful to you in reaching your performance goals. However, when combined in unknown quantities, put in a Rivalus container, and sold in stores, they just don’t work well for me. My final remark would be to tread with caution as this is not a cheap pre-workout, but performs much worse than many of the cheaper alternatives.

Workout strong,


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