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WSF Gym Chalk

Last week I decided to go for 3 plates on my deadlift, but the problem I usually have in heavy lifts is grip. I could have gone for gloves sure, or straps, but I had less than $10 in my account so the solution had to be cheap! This necessity led me to try out chalk for the first time…

Now, I have tried it briefly before, as this stuff is messy! So, when another lifter used it for his lifts, he made a huge mess which thankfully for me was enough to pat the ground/bar a bit and get enough transfer onto my palms. Right then I knew it was good.

The question now: Is it worth your money? Let’s find out.

Manufacturer: World Standard Fitness

Type: Magnesium Chalk

Name: Chalk

Overall Rating: 8.1710

Thickness: 8.510

Dusting: 8.510

Sustainability: 7.510

Final Thoughts: I’m sure most magnesium gym chalk is similar, so this review may echo other chalk reviews I do, but each brand may differ slightly so it’s important to try them all. Most notable about this chalk is that it is not the liquid chalk, so application can be as thick or thin as required. WSF chalk provided a nice dry grip which lasted several lifts. I do tend to get a bit of palm sweat if gripping the bar for too long, and this chalk mitigated that completely. To get a proper coating, I heavily shake off excess while my hand is still in the bag to avoid significant dusting in my lifting area, or really cakey palms. It’s akin to a woman applying foundation makeup: You only put enough to cover lightly. You’re not trying to ice a cake here.

I Would Recommend this chalk to anyone who needs a sure grip for those must-make lifts.

Workout strong,


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